The designer Light Grey Adjustable Sectional Sofa is made for comfort with fixed push back cushions. Since it has fixed plush back cushion, so the things are kept neat. It is easy & fast to assemble the sofa with its available parts hardly just screw on the feet.

As per my information, the designer sofa is quite comfortable and comes with four pieces. It looks very simple as it is designed as per today’s lifestyle Living. This lifestyle couch can be put anywhere in your house either close to the wall or in the middle of the room as well.

Colour of this adjustable sofa by Oliver Smith is grey and has linen cloth covering. And with this Designer Sofa set, two matching Ascent Pillow is available which increases the couch beauty but the pillows cannot be moved from their original space. The back and seat areas slide together, then, each single seat hook on the one next to it.

Oliver Smith - Large Light Grey Sectional Sofa

Features Highlight

  1. Adjustable Left or Right
  2. Fast Assembly
  3. Two decorative pillows available
  4. Sectional Clip Together
  5. Brand new Sectional Sofa

Measurements & Dimension as per information collected:

  1. Dimensions: 106” Width x 83” Depth x 34” Height
  2. Weight: 150 Pounds

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