The Gianext Fold Down Chair Flip Out Lounger is one of the best multi-functional comfortable sofas which is a combination of a Bed and Couch. This is a foldable sofa offering a comfortable and relaxed lounging space at daytime and a cozy bed for overnight guests. It is designed with all high-quality foam covered by Black Ultra-Suede Fabric. The folding down design has 5 adjustable positions saves much space and can be folded as per requirement, it also provides super easy storage in a compact space.

Black Fold Down Chair Convertible Sleeper Bed Couch

The best part of its flexibility is that it can be used for any occasion, no worries for an unexpected guest, a summer picnic, used while camping and also very flexible for Kids' sleepover & while viewing TV. Its specialty is it's 5 adjustable positions, which can be arranged as a comfortable Chair, a recycling Lounge Chair or a single bed to meet your needs.

No assembly needed and easily converted to chair or a bed. The designer sofa easily folds down & no pressure required. Due to its compact design it becomes easy while traveling or moving house and easy for transportation which saves much space & provides super easy storage in a compact space. The Ultra-suede material used in it, provide a fashionable and charming style.

Gray Fold Down Chair Convertible Sleeper Bed Couch

Product Highlights

  1. High Quality
  2. No Assembly Required
  3. Comfortable for use
  4. 5 adjustable folding positions
  5. Easy Storage
  6. Easy Transportation
  7. Ultra-suede material used
  8. Multi-Functional
  9. Chair easily converted to Bed & Vice Versa

Product Information

  1. Color: Black, Gray
  2. Material: Ultra-Suede
  3. Weight: 16.8 lbs
  4. Product Dimensions: 83" L X 28.3" W X 4.5" H
  5. Chair Dimensions: 21.7" D X 28.3" W X 8.7"/23" H
  6. Product Dimensions With Folded Pillow: 66.5" L X 28.3" W X 4.5" H

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